Hawaii's Top 10 Weather and News Sources

Hawaii Made - Hawaii's Top 10 Weather and News Sources

I have always been fascinated by the weather. I spent many mornings and afternoons watching the clouds and trying to predict the following day's weather. My fascination with weather served me well when studying traditional navigation with the Polynesian Voyaging Society first under the tutelage of Ka’iulani Murphy and then Nainoa Thompson. I got relatively good at it, spending most mornings and evenings making my observations and recording my hypothesis. Ka’iulani provided us with an excellent list of sources to refer to when planning our coastal or multi-day sails. I also used them to cross reference my observations. Below is a combination of her sources and a few I picked up along the way. These are now my primary sources for the weather and news since I haven’t practiced reading the sky for some time now. Maybe I’ll start doing that…next week.

I also included two news sources. These two sources do a great job depicting Hawaii’s political and social climate. Both are beautifully done and portray Hawaii as it is or was.

Top 10 Sources for Hawaii Weather and News:

  1. Hawaii Weather Today – Specifically Glenn’s Daily Narrative – This is hands down the best source for Hawaii weather. Easy to understand with weather maps and radar images included.
  2. NOAA – 7 Day Zone Forecast – Great for planning outdoor activities. You must know the location and scroll down to find it.
  3. Wind Direction Visuals – Well this is just kinda mesmerizing 
  4. Wind Guru –  This is a very reliable source for wind forecasts. Used by watersports enthusiast to large tour boat operators. This link goes to Maui's North Shore for my downwind canoe paddles. However, you can change the location for most spots around Hawaii.
  5. Haleakala Weather Center – Another great source for weather predictions brought to you by the University of Hawaii.
  6. Storm Surf – Excellent Surf Forecaster with great animated radar
  7. Surf News Network- A great swell predictor for general surf forecasts
  8. Civil Beat - Amazing and insightful views of Hawaii's political and social climate
  9. Hawaii Magazine - Great stories about Hawaii's places and its people.
  10. News Channel - One of Hawaii's News Channels



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