Reflection - Insecurity, Aloha and Sales

Starting a blog for a retail store just seemed weird to me. I know many do it, it's a must for any online retailer or website these days, or so I'm told. I have posted a few, but with much apprehension. I'm still unsure if people care about what I have to say, or if they can read past my poor grammar and sporadic flow. I'm constantly wondering if they understand what I'm trying to share? Most importantly I question if they know my posts to be genuine or just commerce driven? I asked my Mom how to write a blog that comes off as genuine she said, "Easy just be you Honey Girl and share your aloha." 

So, I started by asking myself what my definition of aloha is. I’ve been asking myself this question for years now. I think every Hawaii kid has. We've all seen and heard it improperly used and felt that painful tinge of yuckiness. I definitely know what it doesn't mean. But, I still haven't been able to define it, and I’m ok with that. Aloha is too powerful a word for me, a jack of all trades and a master of none, to think that I could give a definition worthy of the word's value.

The second thing I did was I asked a friend how to use the word, “aloha," respectfully. I felt that her background with a degree in the Hawaiian Studies, teaching at Kamehameha School, dancing in eight Merrie Monarchs, screenwriting a film that questions the corruption of culture, and currently in the Master's program at UH Manoa for Hawaiian Studies, qualified her to answer the question. However, with all her qualification and experience she simply told me to look to my heart to ensure that I used the word correctly. (Um, if that's not aloha then brah...) 

It is important to me to be able to use this word, “aloha” properly because it's sincerely what I’m trying to do. I’m attempting to change the world one smile, wave, shaka, blog post, and yes product sale at a time. So I will continue to hunt for Aloha's definition and share my findings and experiences along the way.

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