Stoked Surfer: Eco Friendly Surf Wax

There is a reason why they call it the surfing “bug,” once you catch it, it’s nearly impossible to shake. The bond is forged not only between human and sport but also between human and ocean. It’s probably why a lot of surfers talk to the ocean, usually begging for waves; we feel as if the ocean has given us a precious gift like it’s an old friend come out to play. It’s a testament to how truly amazing it feels to get an awesome ride. The stoke is real, and every surfer worth his or her salt knows it.
Eco Surf Wax Made in Hawaii, Gifts for the Surfer
Therefore, as surfers, we should be keenly aware of the potential damage our glorious joyriding can have on the environment. Our boards, sunscreen, and wax are all made from various products that can have adverse effects on the ocean, either during their creation or as they dissolve directly into our beloved playgrounds. However, that doesn’t mean we must abandon our lifelong pursuit but rather, be smart about what we’re putting into the ocean. My Manoa has created a line of products for surfers made with the health of the deep blues in mind.
Eco Friendly Surf Wax, Hawaii Made Gifts
Did you know that 95% of surf waxes are made with petrochemicals? Not only is the process of making such waxes extremely harmful to the environment but when it inevitably falls off our boards, it damages reefs, beaches and the delicate ecosystem below us. Many surfers have turned to soy waxes as a replacement for petrochemical-based waxes. Soy may be less harmful to the environment in practice, but the process still requires a wide range of petrochemicals to grow the soy.
Many would counter with, “my wax is organic, therefore, no petrochemicals are used to make the wax.” Unfortunately, there is no regulatory body that governs the organic label on surf waxes, so it’s impossible to know if your wax is really organic or not. Companies are able to slap the organic label on their product without any fear of retribution. Finally, neither the crude oil used to make paraffin waxes nor the soy used to “organic” waxes are renewable resources. Technically, soy could be grown in a renewable fashion but in reality, it isn’t.
Surf Wax For the Environment, Hawaii Made Gift Guide
However, we Hawaiians, ever environmentally conscious, have come up with a third option: organic beeswax. Our buzzing, pollen loving friends are crucial to the world’s ecosystem, responsible for one out of three bites of food we eat! Taking some of their renewably sourced beeswax and combining it with organic coconut oil and organic lemon essential oil, we’ve created a completely eco-friendly wax that sticks like flypaper.
My Manoa is located in what we think is the most beautiful place on earth, Manoa, on the island of Oahu. Our green, lush valley is graced with rainbows daily and is a truly special place. Our company's goal is to make products that keep our valley looking as mind-blowing beautiful as it is now for generations to come. Along with our environmentally friendly sunscreen, surfers can now take to waves knowing they’ve done everything possible to conserve the one place they truly call home, the ocean.

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