Gifts Made On Maui

I was lucky enough to grow up on Maui. Lucky not only because it’s Maui, Hawaii, but also because Maui is an artist’s and crafters’ dream. Inspiration overflows at every turn with Maui’s serene beauty, not to mention the art collective and classes offered at The Hui Noeau, and Maui’s amazingly supportive local community. Maui is made for the cultivation of local artists and crafters. I grew up creating with all the love and support one could ask for. From the time I was born, I was imagining and nurturing my creative. I found myself making candles at Holiday craft fairs, painting watercolors at the beach with saltwater and Crayola paint, selling my jewelry in high school at Seabury Hall’s Mother’s Day Craft Fair, and expanding my creative knowledge at The Hui. Maui allowed me to explore every creative avenue out there. It is because of Maui's support and love that I was mostly inspired to share this support with others. So, here I am trying to build a local sales channel for my fellow Hawai’i creatives.

I have put together a list of the best gifts made by these creative geniuses of Maui. These products make great unique gifts and mementos. This list of Maui Made Gifts is special to me because many of these products are made by close friends of mine.
Click the photos below for more information.  You can also find more gifts made in Maui here.

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