Hawaii Made provides locals and visitors alike a place to find the finest products Hawaiʻi has to offer in one thoughtfully curated shop. Hawaii Made allows Aloha to be sent to your door.


 Hawaiimade.com was founded by a Maui girl and artist. Shannon grew up surfing the waves around Hawaiʻi and eventually found herself living in some of the world's largest cities. Upon returning to Hawaiʻi, she started building canoes at a local canoe production company on Oahu. The mission of the company was to make Hawaiʻi sustainable again. The community was very supportive of this mission, and that support translated into a healthy business and jobs. She respected these ideas of community, being sustainable, and keeping it local.

Shannon at work

Shannon eventually made her way back to Maui. She found herself often spending mornings surfing and afternoons with her watercolors. She started making hand-painted invitations for her friend's celebrations and thank you cards for her paddling teammates. One day, her friend said, "You need to sell these; they are the perfect Hawaiʻi gift," and that was the start of Hawaiimade.com

"It all starts with people, and I wanted to allow the artist to focus on their work. Creativity comes out of time, and the more time the craftsman has, the more creative they can be, the more aloha they can forge."

It's not hard to find inspiration in Hawaiʻi, and it seems that at every turn, there is beauty. This might be why we have so much talent here in Hawaiʻi. "We have so many great products that come out of here. We just needed a place to sell them. Hawaiimade.com provides us with that opportunity."