Haiku Heaven Coco Mac Nut Bars

Hawaii Made - Haiku Dream Bars - Haiku Heaven Coco Mac Nut Bars
These bars are irresistible and addicting. When I lived in Kailua, I worked at a little "hole in the wall" plate lunch spot as the sole baker.  We had our regulars who came in for my guava or lilikoi cheesecakes, coconut dream cake, and peanut butter brownies amongst the other sweet indulgences.  I introduced these bars for our busy take-out customers, as they pack well and can be enjoyed on the go.
We would often sell out of these Haiku Heaven Coco Mac Nut Bars.  One striking memory is of a lady who had been given the bad news of the bars being sold out.  She was extremely upset and just couldn't understand how it could happen.  After raising her voice, she turned around and sat at the closest table calmly announcing that she would wait until the next batch was ready.  It was the biggest compliment I have ever gotten for my baked goods.
The combination of the two nuts, chocolate, and coconut add an amazing texture that is bound together with the gooey goodness of the sweetened condensed milk.  
These Coco Mac Nut bars are that good!  The bars are also that easy and quick to make that I was able to whip them up and have them done in less than an hour.  (I did have everything prepped though.)
I'll just say be careful this bar is addicting.
They are perfect for the beach, picnics, hikes, parties, and kids!


Haiku Heaven Coco Mac Nut Bars


3 cups graham cracker crumbs (20 crakers)

¾ cups melted butter

¼ teaspoon coarse salt



1 cup chocolate chips

2 cups sweetened coconut flakes

1 cup unsalted macadamia nuts, whole or coarsely chopped

1 cup walnuts, whole or broken

1 can sweetened condensed milk 


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

 Hawaii Made - Haiku Dream Bars - Coco Mac Nut Bars

Mix crust ingredients and press into 9x13 pan and set aside.

Hawaii Made - Haiku Dream Bars - Crust Hawaii Made - Haiku Dream Bars - Crust

Toss together all topping ingredients except for the sweetened condensed milk. 

Sprinkle dry toppings over unbaked crust.

Slowly pour sweetened condensed milk evenly over toppings.

Hawaii Made - Haiku Dream Bars

Bake until edges are dark brown. About 30 to 40 minutes.

After bars have cooled, you can trim the edges if needed and cut into desired shape and size.

Hawaii Made - Haiku Dream Bars

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